• Building excellence in leadership, relationships, teamwork and completely custom construction.


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Who We Are

“Shirmar builds excellence in leadership, relationships, teamwork, and completely custom construction.”

One of our Partners is directly involved in all aspects of your project. Our hands-on approach provides our customers with completely custom finished products and clear communication throughout. Our daily involvement in all our projects gives us an edge on getting the customer exactly what they want, managing costs and fostering exceptional working relationship with our sub-trades. We know exactly where your project is at any given time.

…are what create the culture of the members of Shirmar Construction. Shirmar Construction desires to project these values on to each project, believing that the established core values shape the project entirely.

  • Integrity:

    Shirmar is an honest, transparent, ethical, and fair company.

  • Empathy:

    Shirmar seeks to achieve a high level of understanding from all parts of the team, with an emphasis on the clients.

  • Accountability:

    Shirmar holds itself accountable to customers and exceeding industry standards. Shirmar Construction is committed to meaningful employee relationships, strong ties to suppliers, and a respect for the community and the environment.

  • Teamwork:

    Shirmar believes that more can be achieved through teamwork: This includes clients, engineers, trades, designers, and anyone else involved with the process. Shirmar Construction desires to utilize the strengths of each member of the team to their fullest extent.

  • Innovation:

    Shirmar is proactive, constantly re-evaluating all levels of team performance throughout your project.


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